Hotel Nizza, A 600 Years Long Florentine History

Hotel Nizza, A 600 Years Long Florentine History

Hotel Nizza is one of the few Hotels in Florence included in the register of the Historical Florentine Businesses (Esercizi Storici Fiorentini), established by Florence Municipality in order to increase the value of all those businesses existing since more than 70 years in historical sites of the city.

The Hotel Nizza has existed obviously with a certain evolution, for nearly 600 years.

The hotel is, in fact, situated where once the first city walls were built between 1173 and 1175. In 1284 the municipality decided to move the existing walls further from the centre, building much bigger ones which enclosed the new inhabited areas which overflowed outside the old walls. Works finished in 1333 and the old walls were knocked down. In there place new buildings grew with the stones from the walls and among these was the building where Hotel Nizza now is. Further research in still in course but it is certain that in 1800 several monks amongst which the renowned Bernardino Bambi, lived here. In our breakfast room you can see an engraved marble stone found during recent restoration, which testimonies to the fact. It is to be presumed that hospitality has always been the primary function for this building since this land outside the city walls was probably property of the Santa Maria Novella church.

The building became what we consider in modern times "a hotel" in 1911. This has been confirmed by Florence's Chamber of Commerce in a document of 1924 found recently among old papers in an attic.
The hotel has been completely restored over the years but has conserved its original character and details.
During the winter of 2001, using local materials such as terracotta, wood, marble and local stone all 18 rooms were completely renovated. Now all have private bathroom, air conditioning, Led Satellite TV, hairdryer, direct telephone, safe and internet wi-fi.

The furnishing are constantly taken care of and there is a continual maintenance of all details.
Today Roberto and Michele (the latter being a direct descendant of that Jacopo Lassi who in 1297 was ambassador of peace between the people of Pisa and the people of Lucca at the time of the war between the two towns) and their families and staff strive in harmony with the history and the origins of the hotel building to carry on the antique tradition of hospitality.
Hotel Nizza is proud to be one of the few genuine original Florentine businesses still managed by families which has preserved its identity within the city of Florence as a hotel of great tradition that has been passed from generation to generation.